Sunday, July 31, 2011

First Thurday August: Gardner, Pennebaker, Gosnell, Humphries

Join us First Thursday August 4th from 5-8pm at the Fayetteville Underground for another exciting month of all new exhibitions! Duane Gardner's latest works will be on display in the Vault. The glass works of Ed Pennebaker will be on display in the E Street Gallery. Jan Gosnell's paintings will be on display in the Hive. The Revolver will feature the work of visiting artist John Humphries.

Duane Gardner

Duane Gardner
The Day After Yesterday

This series of paintings continues to explore the idea of mark making as well as the process of editing. At the beginning of this year I decided to go in a new minimalist direction and pare down paintings. I felt that my work prior to this series was very heavy handed and I wanted to move away from that.

I have also begun to experiment with using text to express feelings or thoughts. I did not want the text to be immediately apparent so I have attempted to abstract the text. This has been a very interesting process for me because it has forced me to think about text as shape and how to manipulate it. To further obscure the text, I have drawn from my Mexican-American heritage and used Spanish translations of the words or ideas I wanted to convey.

Ed Pennebaker

Ed Pennebaker

We are all linked together. Nature and our relationship with natural resources has been a topic I relate to in my sculptures. Sometimes the simple movement of grasses and plants is mirrored in the fluidity of the glass. Other times, the concerns of what man is doing by poisoning nature and ultimately himself become the topic. I hope to let viewers interpret and imagine something that speaks to them about our surroundings and our link to nature.

Jan Gosnell

Jan Gosnell
The Fulla' Brush Man

Jan Gosnell will be exhibiting works representative of two modes of perception. One will be works in oil on canvas and the other, figure drawings on paper. The oil paintings are expressions of ideas created from interior resources and developed through the imagination. The figure drawings are rapidly rendered with Conte’ crayon or charcoal with great attention exterior resources.

John Humphries

John Humphries
Fragments of Landscape

John Humphries received a MARCH and BFA from the University of Texas, Arlington. A visual artist and designer focusing on translating one media form to another. Currently, Humphries is an Assistant Professor at and a faculty in the Armstrong Interactive Media Studies at Miami University, Oxford. His extensive history includes group and solo exhibitions such as Kleinert/James Arts Center: Woodstock, New York; Jay Henry Memorial Gallery: Arlington, Texas; Hochschule: Rosenheim, Germany; Foxfire Studio: Rabun Gap, Georgia; Cage Gallery: Oxford Ohio; Beinnale of the Americas: Denver, Colorado, among others.

For Humphries, cities and the representation of cities are rife with uncomfortable hybrids born of erosion, neglect, misconception, new stories, changes in zoning, codes, and program. The ability to quickly transform the essential nature of a context is not to design, create, or fabricate the ideal representation of a place. His reason for going to a place is to transform perception of a place and capture the essence of a moment, for the purpose of engaging, intellectually and emotionally the context.

In this exhibition, the watercolor drawings refer specifically to John Humphries current travels in Malta and focus on using the visual syntax of architecture; to describe urban landscape, shadows, and sun; specifically the moments where these meet.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Book binding workshop at the Fayetteville Underground

Instructor: Lesha Shaver

Cost: $75

When: Friday, July 22, 6-9:30 p.m. and Saturday, July 23, 9 a.m. -12:30 p.m.

Where: Fayetteville Underground

This is the uniquely beautiful Buttonhole binding using bookboard for the covers and spine instead of paper. This exposed spine sewing allows for lots of self expression, so we will each add our own interpretation to this lovely book. No previous experience necessary.

Contact: Phone: (479) 587-0238 or email: to sign up for this exciting class!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

July: Fay, Maule, Florence Academy, Sewell

Join us First Thursday July 7th from 5-8pm at Fayetteville Underground for another exciting month of all new exhibitions!

Jennifer Libby Fay's exhibition of abstract contemporary textile paintings will be on display in the Vault. The work of Portland visiting artist, Michele Maule will be on display in the Hive.Graduates of the Florence Academy of Art will be featured in the Revolver. The E Street Gallery will feature the carved free-form sculptural vessels of John Sewell.

Jennifer Libby Fay

Through a Narrow Place
Jennifer Libby Fay

A solo exhibition of abstract contemporary textile paintings that considers the miracle of hope and inspiration experienced after a time of transition.

When we find our way through a heartbreaking time of transition and stand in our own truth, the purity of our soul is revealed. We emerge from the Narrow Place feeling gratitude for the gift and beauty of life and the healing has begun. This body of work is about my journey Through a Narrow Place of transition and the hope and inspiration I have found in the process.

Michele Maule

Mise en Place
Michele Maule

Michele Maule is an artist living and working in Portland. She graduated from Portland State University in 2005 with a Bachelor of arts degree in Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking with a focus on printmaking. Her work has been shown throughout the county including New York, California, Ohio, Arkansas, and Oregon.

I work in several different mediums including oil painting, collage, printmaking, and illustration. If you asked me which one I likes the most, I wouldn't be able to choose.

Most of my work is based on my personal life experiences and the relationships I have with the people around me. The things that inspire me are the things that fill my everyday life. The things that are often overlooked and otherwise passed up, or put aside. These are the things that I like to take into consideration. These are the things that matter most to myself.

I love finding those moments in life that leave you feeling speechless, and sometimes a little awkward. It's in those moments in life that I find I am most myself. Even at 30 I feel like I am trying to figure things out, and it's through my work that I am able to sort through it all.

Ellen Barkin

Contemporary Classicists: Graduates of The Florence Academy of Art

We are a group show comprised of six artists, from local, national, and international destinations. All are recent graduates of the Florence Academy of Art, a 3-year program that specializes in training representational oil painting and drawing techniques, located in Florence, Italy and Göteborg, Sweden. The selection of work on display demonstrates the technical skills and intensive training, alongside independent styles, concepts, and creativity. Also working at The Fayetteville Underground for the month of July as visiting artists, Maggie Ivy (Fayetteville, Arkansas), Kendric Tonn (Wooster, OH), and Ellen Barkin (Göteborg, Sweden).

John Sewell

Fem Forms
John Sewell

Working with single,often large pieces of wood, I carve free-form sculptural vessels, with designs focused on various expressions of feminine form. I carve the outside of a piece and then the inside, leaving a wall of uniform thickness. The interior is then charred, and the resulting charcoal sandblasted away, leaving a textured surface that darkens to black when lacquered. The exterior is finely sanded and then finished with multiple coats of clear lacquer, each sanded to a fine surface.

As always there are open studios to tour, work in progress to see, and artists to meet. There will be new work by the talented underground studio artists in the back Vault gallery and the fine crafts you have come to expect in the E Street Gallery.

Once again this is all a part of the cultural amenity that is the visual arts on the First Thursday of every month at the Fayetteville Underground on the Fayetteville Square from 5-8p.m.

After the reception be sure to come back and visit the galleries during our regular business hours of W-F 12-7 and Sat 10-5. Tell your friends and see you there! The exhibitions will remain up through July 30th.

The Fayetteville Underground Basement of One East Square Plaza East side of the Historic Fayetteville Square. Fayetteville, Arkansas
Gallery Hours W-F 12-7pm Saturday 10-5pm
4 galleries: Open Studios