Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Looks like I got ahold of some misleading information.
The Underground IS participating as a venue for Last Night tonight, but we are the comedy stage, including Phunbags and much more!
Also,  along with our visiting artist, Jessie Ward, we feature a new and exciting installation in the front gallery by member artist Nicole Howard. Come, relax, enjoy. The new January exhibit is up!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

John Henry and friends will be back here on the 31st for New Year's Eve at the Fayetteville Underground. New CDs available!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Open Christmas Eve from 10 -2 for last minute shoppers.
One of the Artisan Teapots from Siegele and Haley featured in yesterday's post has sold today, along with a major ceramic piece by Sheila Richards, as well as a number of smaller items.

A new series on canvas by David Bachman is still on exhibit.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Open Dec.22, 23 & 24 - Extended Hours

Hank Kaminsky is in the gallery Sunday and Monday, along with MM Kent, to take care of your last minute art needs. Never know when you'll find you've run out of fresh ART.
Hank is drawing this morning, working on his new sculpture series due to be released in April.
Quality jewelry and small ceramic pieces, ornaments. Great values!

These 2 landscapes by Doug Randall sold this week at the Underground. There are lots of amazing things here this month.


A great collections of teapots by Siegele and Haley, as well as a selection of plates and mugs.


Sunday, December 8, 2013

On Saturday, Dec 8th, the Gallery opened to visitors at 10 and a performance at 3 o'clock. Mike and Sonya Davis Gutierrez and friends sat and played for about 45 minutes on the floor of the main gallery. The performers coaxed strange music from their toys. There are some notable pieces of artwork in the galleries this month. Of special note are several small horizontal landscapes by Doug Randall. A steal at less than $100 apiece. Robert Lemming has wowed us again with imaginary use of ordinary materials. Two large wall mounted pieces using dark grey foam and hot glue or silicone. Also affordable. Examples of three separate series by David Bachman. A great variety of teapots are on display from Siegele and Haley. Lots of Greg Moore stuff. Too much to mention it all. Come see it! We'll be open late on Weekends for the next few weeks.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Next week our Opening will be Thursday from 5-8pm. Kate Baer and Stacie Florer join the usual suspects with plenty of new work to show.

As we move into a new year, it is interesting what has been accomplished at the Underground, with some highly regarded new members, their energy, and desire to make the organization all it can be. What that is, of course, is not perfectly clear, but one thing is for certain, we have begun to broaden what we offer to our visitors and supporters. All of us are committed to provide the highest quality art possible.

One key element in progress has been our gallery manager, Samantha Sigmon, who, once she has had her coffee, is a veritible whirlwind of activity. Samantha has provided a single minded effort toward making our space at 101 W. Mountain Street into a first class gallery. We are very fortunate to have her.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cold, cold sleet 'n snow. For those who brave the elements this Thursday, Fayetteville Underground is undergoing its last transformation of the year. As promised, William Mayes Flanagan (seriously, call him Bill) has finished a barrage of 5x5 paintings featuring Luna, his favorite model.

Jan Gosnell is showing a variety of offerings including this figurative abstract or abstracted figure, or something . . .

One of our brand new artists is Kate Baer, bringing distinctive jewelry to the gallery gift shop.

Kate Baer Fossils

Also in the giftshop find Ed Pennebaker Ornaments of various kinds:

Does anyone recognize this guy?

Martha Molina can probably be persuaded to tell you about him. . .

Thursday, November 28, 2013

In Kirk Lanier's studio yesterday I was with a gallery visitor looking at Kirk's photographs. She was trying to decide which she liked best, possibly thinking of making a purchase. For a moment she thought one was best, then another. She skipped back and forth among 5 or 6 photos and never could decide. I understand, since I feel the same way. They are all great!


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Look for New Jewelers at the Underground in December along with extended hours. The member artists will be crowding the walls with work for the holiday season. Friday morning portrait group and Tuesday night life drawing continue through Christmas.
William Flanagan will have a new product - small unframed watercolors on blocks of wood. There will also be new 6x6s from MM Kent. Ornaments are available from Ed Pennebaker, along with pendants by Martha Molina, and a wide variety of greeting cards by various artists.
Still time to view the outstanding palette exhibition by Jan Gosnell and Robert Shinn's quirky sculptures.
The November members' exhibit has a profound retrospective of Hank Kaminsky's work.

Sheila Richards has returned from her Summer travels and created new work:

There's much more to see!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

First Thursday will be exciting in October, with new artists and new work. I'm looking forward to seeing Visiting Artist Carol Roberts' oil paintings. I remember first seeing her work at the Art Center of the Ozarks about 10 years ago. She is a great colorist/realist/impressionist. We're expecting something special from Robert Lemming, our newest artist at the Underground. I'm smoothing the first wall in our gallery to accept Rose DiSalvo's applique. She is a Visiting Artist from Chicago.
I have some figure work in the main gallery this month.
                                                                                                                 MM Kent

Detail - "Choice" by MM Kent

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Great Opportunity

The Illinois River Salon promises some fine landscape paintings from a group of highly skilled and dedicated artists. I feel fortunate to be associated with these rascals at Heart of America Artist's Association. Todd Williams and John Lasater IV have pioneered the group for five years, starting with the Rendezvous at Peel Mansion for two years, Plein Air events which drew as many as 30 regional artists into that great setting in Bentonville. Todd was the featured Visiting Artist at Fayetteville Underground in March 2013.

Other members of this group include Erika Nelson, first place winner in this summer's Women Take Flight National Juried Competition at Fayetteville Underground, Judy Maurer, regular participant in the Friday Portrait Group and Quick Draws at Fayetteville Underground, and Carol Roberts, who will be the new Visiting Artist at the Underground in October. 

The Salon show this year will be short, so the best opportunity to see it is at the opening on October 2nd. 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Terry L. Dushan

This Thursday we welcome the Visiting Artist for September, Terry L. Dushan of Fayetteville, who recently won
Best in Photography/Digital Art at the Artist's of Northwest Arkansas' annual juried regional exhibition for her photograph entitled, “Oh... Gracie’s Gone.”

Terry will be showing
Her body of work featuring Bikes, Blues and Barbeque, Fayetteville's premier festival.

New Associate Member AGNI

Exciting, aren't they? 
Agni creates paintings with her Breath!

One of her brilliant pieces will be included this Month 
In our new show opening on First Thursday

September 5th
 5-8:30 pm

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Farewell to Diedre West and Melissa Garrison

We must say Farewell to Diedre West and Melissa Garrison.

Diedre has moved to Arizona, where the pastures are browner but the Art Scene is flourishing. She has all the tools needed to participate in that highly competitive world. Keep your brushes wet, Diedre!

Melissa has been accepted into graduate school in Oregon where I understand she'll be pursuing a degree in painting! Very exciting for her as another step in her career as an artist!
These women have provided an infusion of great energy and great painting for the Underground in 2013. We'll miss you but we don't blame you for going. Best of luck to you both!

Monday, August 19, 2013

New Look, New work

The Entrance to Suite 222, home of Fayetteville Underground, is changing. It is work in progress. Our design team has created a more open and appealing portal to the treasure inside the galleries. Be prepared for a new look along with the new work.

Terry Dushan, winner of the 1st Place in Photography award at the current Artist's of Northwest Arkansas Regional Juried Exhibition, will be our featured visiting artist.

Introducing new artist member, Jeanne Vockroth, who is showing exciting fabric art!

Vockroth Fabric

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

August in the Underground

Watching the new show go up has been interesting as usual. We are featuring several of Sharon Killians's cool and cloudy horizontal river scenes. Very contemporary. By contrast, Doug Randall's new landscapes are more traditional. Very exciting in his inimitable layered style. Amazing how the gallery changes so much from month to month.

The last Quick Draw was held Saturday, July 27th. Judy Maurer here is polishing up her oil sketch of Lioneld Jordan, who was gracious enough to pose for us.

The Mayor

Melissa Garrison's painting of the Illinois River made a great backdrop.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Exciting Events

Last evening was especially enchanting at the Underground. Rachel Pianalto, accompanied by Dead Indian unplugged, performed interpretive dances for an audience of 50+ extremely attentive people. What an inspiration!
And there is more to come, with Jack Williams, a Good Folk Production tonight, and shennanigans by Houston Huges and friends on Saturday Night's Last Saturday performance. The gallery is alive with the sound of music, largely the result of the efforts of Samantha Sigmon, our gallery manager. Also, August First is First Thursday this month and I'm excited to see what Chris Weaver and Sharon Killian are bringing in for the show.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The portrait group residing at the Underground on Friday mornings has assembled a dedicated group of artists. Anyone is welcome to join the group and draw or paint a model for three hours of the same pose. There is a nominal fee. On June 12th, the model was a young swimming champion.

Friday Portrait Group

Thursday, July 11, 2013

At the Underground:

Different kinds of artwork are now on display by new members Kirk Lanier, Nicole Howard and associate member Alli Woods Frederick.

Sorry to say Diedre West is leaving us for Arizona. She has been a great asset to the Underground, bringing the exquisite paintings that are the result of her classical training. Good luck out West, Diedre!

Saturdays have been busy and folks are enjoying the art in progress during Quick Draw events. We are fortunate to have visiting artists participate, including Judy Maurer, Ken Kvamme, Jerry Plumlee, and others. Anyone is welcome to participate: draw or paint, model, harass the artists. It has been fun and some great sketches have resulted, including this one of my wife, Anne, done last Saturday:

Oil Sketch by Judy Maurer   7-6-13
She is teaching a pastel workshop at ESSA in Euraka Springs July 29- Aug2

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

About Sam King’s exhibit entitled, Commas

On my way tonight to see Terry Dushan and Johnathan Harris's show at ACO. The following is my critique of the last show there:

About Sam King’s exhibit entitled, Commas, last month at  ART CENTER OF THE OZARKS

First visit
Enter the room
Look around at two walls of paintings, well lit and balanced
The presentation I liked from the first. Obviously, without posted titles, each piece yields its identity to that of the whole. I realize something out of the ordinary is expected of me here: the purpose of the exhibit may not be the same as the purpose of other exhibits of paintings on walls. So.
Which pieces am I drawn to?
Among abstractions, my eye is drawn to one piece which is marginally representational. Then when it didn’t resolve for me as the figure I had first noticed, I switched to another piece. That’s when I noticed the vibration. It came from nearby, but I was distracted by some activity among the people in the room, and when I looked back, I couldn’t find it.
I was left with the feeling that I’d seen something which was at first obscured, like with those pictures from years ago with repetitive shapes that changed, after minutes of scrutiny, into a “hidden” image of the ocean floor with sunken ships and fish.
It was time to leave, and I was unfulfilled.
I wanted to hear a musical ‘comma.’
I realized I would have to return later.
So I went home needing more explanation about what I’ve been invited to see.

After a couple of hours of research, I learned (I think) that a ‘comma’ equals an increment of dissonance, and that our perception of dissonance is subject to cultural bias.
(Lacking an image of the actual painting)
At this point I’m wondering how this information translates into the visual world.
In my experience, musical or tonal dissonance is commonly experienced as tension from which we expect relief. In music, this relief is called ‘resolution.’ In literature and in drama, ordinarily we expect a story with conflict, which is somehow ‘resolved.’
So, I’m expecting this increment of dissonance to appear in the body of work entitled, ‘Commas.’
Second visit
Again I survey the walls of work allowing myself to be entertained. The note of dissonance I find first  is in a piece with a red ground. There is blue-green there also, with cream. An almost complementary harmony with accents of light blue. My attention can’t be held, though, because next to it is the one in black and neutralized blue-green with a watermelon slice or sailboat leaning from the wind. I look closely, then back up. Way up. I think it is the best painting in the show.
The stronger contrast effectively draws me in from across the room. The slanted edge between the dark side and the light is compelling and varied: it vibrates. The ‘comma,’ or ‘slice,’ or sailboat rides the edge of darkness, leaning into the light. An extrusion of the line. Blue-green and red, this appendage in almost-harmony follows the laws of optics. There is excitement embedded in the colors. Vibration again. Dissonance, then resolution. Repeat, comma.
MM Kent    6-26-13

Sunday, June 30, 2013

LAST SATURDAY (Fayetteville Word Wars')  performance at the Fayetteville Underground on June 29th included some great music performed by John Henry and Friend, and others. Poetry by Houston Hughes and others. July's event will be LAST SATURDAY again!

Charcoal drawing

Friday mornings at Fayetteville Underground:

Friday, June 28 charcoal drawing by MM Kent

Open Portrait Workshop (all media) from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm. Long pose.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Saturday June 22nd QUICK DRAW by Judy Maurer, guest artist

Opening our new show on July 4th at 5:00 pm, y'all come!
see the GREG MOORE solo show. He's promised to tell us a story in pictures.

Friday, June 14, 2013

The first Quick Draw on June 7th at the Underground was a success, with 3 artists creating 6 art works utilizing 2 different models. A good time was had by all, and one happy wife left with 3 different views of her husband who was gracious enough to model for us. We snagged Melissa Garrison for the second session:


Charcoal of Melissa produced during Saturday's Quick Draw


Quick Draw

Saturday, from 11am to 1pm (during Farmer’s Market)
at Fayetteville Underground Main Gallery

Fayetteville Underground Artists and Guest Artists will make art in the medium of their choice during three sessions with a clothed model. The resulting artwork will be for sale to the public at that time for prices ranging from $20 - $50. Come watch the entertaining spectacle and take advantage of the opportunity to acquire something hot and fresh from the creative ovens at the Fayetteville Underground.

The public is invited to participate at any level according to their
comfort. Draw or paint. Observe. Purchase. Critique.
Model and easels and pedestals will be available for artist's use. Bring your own art supplies.
 All artists are welcome to participate.

Anyone who would like to participate as a model or an artist, please email Kent:  artist@wingsandroots.com  or talk to Samantha at Fayetteville Underground.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Saturday, May 18, 2013

First Thursday reception in June

Alas, Emily Gail Nelson, flautist with Verbal Transcriptions is not going to do a surprise spot of musical interpretation for us. She is destined for New York City. Congratulations, I think.
Instead we can look forward to a set by the wonderful Dana Idlet.
New artist members Melissa Garrison and Adam Ritchey will be featured. Our main gallery is reserved for Women Take Flight. The entries have arrived. It will be a really interesting show.

Infrared Photography by Adam Ritchey

Oil Paintings by Melissa Garrison

Friday, May 17, 2013

Women Take Flight

 Fayetteville Underground's theme for June will be "WOMEN TAKE FLIGHT," in keeping with our National Juried Exhibition of that name which opens on FIRST THURSDAY, June 6th at 5PM.

Air Race Classic ends in Fayetteville on June 21st.   http://www.airraceclassic.org/

We are all excited about this show and some of the gallery artists have produced work which, although not a part of the competition, reflects the theme. Here's one of the Juried Entries:

Into Thin Air - photograph by Terry Lynne Dushan


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Michael Davis Gutierrez

I remember studying Alberto Giacometti a while back:

"In the sparseness of his environment, relationship became everything. The human became an icon almost. I had never witnessed this extreme a motivation to understand the world through art. To communicate essence.
Anyway, I learned from him that struggle was OK. He always began working with the knowledge that what he attempted was impossible, and then he would go ahead and attempt it anyway. Whatever a particular challenge entailed for me, I found that eventually I would get to the end of it. Maybe it’s even worth the struggle to get that final resolution, that satisfaction, when everything becomes focused and congruent and finished. Thankfully, Alberto gave me that drive to achieve a compelling image in each painting."
                                                                    from:   A Safe Place
                                                                                                       by MM Kent

Double Negative by Michael Davis Gutierrez

 I like to think Michael is carrying on with work that Giacometti started. The interface between human and the world. That is the subject, isn't it? Relationship.

What is our point of view? The chair? We are definitely on the ground, but what distance between us and the object of our observation? How much negative space?
These and other questions arise. We at the Underground are very fortunate to have Michael join us. The level of artistic inquiry  has been raised. Cultural symbols abound.

Monday, April 8, 2013

We had an excellent inauguration of Spring on First Thursday April. Almost a capacity crowd for a great show. The retrospective for Myrtle Laabs is a nice surprise consisting of beautiful minimalist watercolors which were lovingly curated by Kathleen Barta, Myrtle's long time painting partner.

New work by Martha Molina, a mask entitled Yggdrasil (Norwegian Tree of Life), slightly surprised.

This by Sheila Richards, Serenity personified.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Gallery Talks, Food, and Flight

Since the first week in January, we've had an interesting and informative series of gallery talks on Saturday mornings at the Underground. David Bachman, our gallery talks coordinator, is working on another series for the future, but for now, we will table the talks and focus on the visuals, anticipating lots of visitors with the reopening of Farmer's Market of the Fayetteville square. With that in mind, First Thursday at the Underground will feature the theme of FOOD: Local Flavor, featuring the debut of NW Arkansas' own cookbook, complete with a recipe by Underground artist Hank Kaminsky. Look for enhanced refreshments at this time.

Grapes 11 x 16 oil painting by MM Kent on display April in the Underground

Also for April, a memorial reception for local artist, the late Myrtle Laabs. Her watercolors will be on display First Thursday thru the month of April.

Watercolor by Myrtle Laabs

Musical events continue at the Underground:
Several more Good Folk Productions have been scheduled for April and May. Last week a small audience was fortunate to hear a performance by Emily Gail Nelson and Brian Glass of Verbal Transcriptions do interpretations and improvisations of both poetry and graphic art. Emily has promised to return this Summer for a First Thursday to perform at the Underground.

The fayettevilleunderground.com website is fully engaged and interactive. A calendar of events may be found there.
On First Thursday in June, there will be a special exhibition entitled, "Women Take Flight," in celebration of women who fly. Everyone is excited about this, the first National Juried Art Exhibition produced by Fayetteville Underground.

MM Kent's Great Uncle Nelson Odell Pope took this photo of Amelia Earhardt "Taking Flight"

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Todd A. Williams visiting in March

Anne and I just returned from a trip to Texas, where we had the chance to visit a couple of notable art galleries in Fredricksburg. The first was Insight Gallery, where we were treated to some excellent oil paintings, including one by C.W.Mundy a recognized top-tier American artist. I mentioned to Anne that Mundy is Todd Williams’ mentor, and we looked around, expecting to see Todd’s work there.
It was in the next gallery that we found Todd’s paintings: The Whistle Pik Gallery. The Whistle Pik has been around for maybe ten years, and has an established place in the national representational art scene. Several  small Todd Williams landscapes were featured in the front room. There were two sunset scenes that had dots on their labels, indicating that the paintings were sold. Congratulations!
I met Todd probably seven or eight years ago after watching him do a demonstration for the Artists of Northwest Arkansas in Springdale. The most memorable thing about that demo was that before he started, Todd said a prayer. I remember thinking, “This fellow is serious about painting.” At that time, Todd was already an accomplished artist, but in the next few years, through relentless dedication and focus, he has developed a recognizable fluidity of style and experienced a great deal of success. Collectors, gallery directors, exhibition jurors and fellow artists are in accord, and the work of Todd Williams has a widespread appeal. The quality puts him among the very best of living oil painters.
I have been fortunate to watch Todd paint a few times at Plein Air painting events in Bentonville and Big Cedar Lodge, Missouri.
His canvases are usually “open”, meaning you can see the bare or lightly toned canvas in places. Other passages are painted in heavy impasto. The edges are predominantly soft, the color muted and harmonious. Romantic realism is what I would call the work. Ranging from small river and harbour scenes to large figurative work, Todd has accomplished an amazing degree of individuality or “authorship” in his work. All of it has obviously passed through the emotional aperture of his consciousness to express a humble and profound love of life on earth.
We at Fayetteville Underground are fortunate to have such an accomplished painters as one of our featured artists in March 2013.

                                                                                                          MM Kent

Golden by Todd Williams

Marriah 2  by Todd Williams


Thursday, January 31, 2013

Plein Air

Plein Air painting is characterized by painting "on location" outdoors in the open air. Both a challenging and rewarding activity, Plein Air painting has been a popular activity in the Western World for over 150 years. I imagine it has been popular in China and Japan for much longer.
Metal tubes for oil paint were introduced in the mid-1800's in Europe, enabling artists to venture into the countryside with a lightweight outfit. The French Barbizon painters were one of the first groups to paint together "En Plein Air." They were followed closely by the Impressionists. Meanwhile, John Constable and others in England were establishing the tradition there.
Today, Plein Air groups abound everywhere.
One of our neighboring groups will be featured during February in  the Fayetteville Underground gallery in an exhibition entitled:

"Follow the Light"
Visiting artists for February:

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

All the Undergroundhogs will be crawling out soon to prepare a memorable show for February. Led by our featured artist, Ed Pennebaker, whose glass work will be seen in a specially prepared environment, the artists have gathered a new body of work for exhibit.
Plein Air Painters of Eureka Springs (PAPES) are the visiting artists for February, and we're excited about the variety their art will bring to the Underground.

Chandelier #581  by Ed Pennebaker

Monday, January 21, 2013

looking ahead

The Old Men Telling Lies will wrap up this Saturday with Jan Gosnell's talk at 11 AM. We are yielding the podium in February to some of our women, who are much, much younger and beautifuller, also. Susy Siegele will be demonstrating the building of ceramic pieces on February 2nd.
The First Thursday event in February will have several surprises. Look for Ed Pennebaker as featured artist. Plein Air painters of Eureka Springs, a very talented group, will be our Visiting Artists, and gallery artists will be presenting a new batch of work.

Showing right now at Fayetteville Underground, this painting by David Bachman

Old Men Telling Lies

It's been an intense year for the Fayetteville Underground, which has survived the re-birthing process and begins to thrive in a new form in a new location. The association with artists and supporters has been a rewarding experience in many ways. As we move into the new year, we will be adding some new features.

We artists have a desire to explore how and why Art is important in everyone's life. This often takes the form of a personal and private exploration. However, some of our grey hairs have decided to share our insights on the topic.

In January, the series, "Old Men Telling Lies", will debut at Fayetteville Underground on Saturdays at 11:00 AM, and lasting about an hour. The coffee pot will be full. Everyone is invited to come see the sights and hear the tales about making art, looking at art, critique, value, and other things. MM Kent, Ed Pennebaker, Jan Gosnell, Hank Kaminsky and William Mayes Flanagan will provide the entertainment starting January 5th through 26th.
MM Kent will present a gallery talk on
Saturday, January 5th from 11am 'til 12:30pm.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Elegance of form. Craftsmanship unexcelled. Availability limited.
Find it at Fayetteville Underground!

A Teapot by Susy Siegele and Mike Haley
featured member artists for the Holiday Show.