Monday, January 21, 2013

looking ahead

The Old Men Telling Lies will wrap up this Saturday with Jan Gosnell's talk at 11 AM. We are yielding the podium in February to some of our women, who are much, much younger and beautifuller, also. Susy Siegele will be demonstrating the building of ceramic pieces on February 2nd.
The First Thursday event in February will have several surprises. Look for Ed Pennebaker as featured artist. Plein Air painters of Eureka Springs, a very talented group, will be our Visiting Artists, and gallery artists will be presenting a new batch of work.

Showing right now at Fayetteville Underground, this painting by David Bachman

Old Men Telling Lies

It's been an intense year for the Fayetteville Underground, which has survived the re-birthing process and begins to thrive in a new form in a new location. The association with artists and supporters has been a rewarding experience in many ways. As we move into the new year, we will be adding some new features.

We artists have a desire to explore how and why Art is important in everyone's life. This often takes the form of a personal and private exploration. However, some of our grey hairs have decided to share our insights on the topic.

In January, the series, "Old Men Telling Lies", will debut at Fayetteville Underground on Saturdays at 11:00 AM, and lasting about an hour. The coffee pot will be full. Everyone is invited to come see the sights and hear the tales about making art, looking at art, critique, value, and other things. MM Kent, Ed Pennebaker, Jan Gosnell, Hank Kaminsky and William Mayes Flanagan will provide the entertainment starting January 5th through 26th.
MM Kent will present a gallery talk on
Saturday, January 5th from 11am 'til 12:30pm.