Thursday, January 31, 2013

Plein Air

Plein Air painting is characterized by painting "on location" outdoors in the open air. Both a challenging and rewarding activity, Plein Air painting has been a popular activity in the Western World for over 150 years. I imagine it has been popular in China and Japan for much longer.
Metal tubes for oil paint were introduced in the mid-1800's in Europe, enabling artists to venture into the countryside with a lightweight outfit. The French Barbizon painters were one of the first groups to paint together "En Plein Air." They were followed closely by the Impressionists. Meanwhile, John Constable and others in England were establishing the tradition there.
Today, Plein Air groups abound everywhere.
One of our neighboring groups will be featured during February in  the Fayetteville Underground gallery in an exhibition entitled:

"Follow the Light"
Visiting artists for February: