Thursday, July 11, 2013

At the Underground:

Different kinds of artwork are now on display by new members Kirk Lanier, Nicole Howard and associate member Alli Woods Frederick.

Sorry to say Diedre West is leaving us for Arizona. She has been a great asset to the Underground, bringing the exquisite paintings that are the result of her classical training. Good luck out West, Diedre!

Saturdays have been busy and folks are enjoying the art in progress during Quick Draw events. We are fortunate to have visiting artists participate, including Judy Maurer, Ken Kvamme, Jerry Plumlee, and others. Anyone is welcome to participate: draw or paint, model, harass the artists. It has been fun and some great sketches have resulted, including this one of my wife, Anne, done last Saturday:

Oil Sketch by Judy Maurer   7-6-13
She is teaching a pastel workshop at ESSA in Euraka Springs July 29- Aug2

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