Thursday, August 27, 2009

Krapausky, Moore, Gosnell and Wilks: First Thursday!

September's First Thursday is sure to pack a punch! Don't miss these talented featured artists, as well as new work from the Studio Artists in the back vault and new work from the E street artists as well. Sure to be an wonderful night at the Fayetteville Underground. Join us Thursday Sept 3. from 5-8pm to celebrate these artists and the thriving arts district in downtown Fayetteville.

Retired © Thomas Krapausky

In the Revolver gallery we have Supremacy and Myth, an exhibition of photographs by Thomas Krapausky. The works on display explore the strains of human activity on a constantly recovering natural world.

Krapausky’s photographs emphasize the “hidden worlds” that we pass by every day, but rarely notice. His unique and sometimes abstract work has received multiple awards, has been displayed in juried exhibitions, and has been published on an international level.

Castle in the Park © Steve Moore

In the Hive gallery we have long time Fayetteville craftsman and photographer Steve Moore and his exhibition, A Panoramic Project. Moore’s photographic style is a culmination of his early film photography, influenced by Ansel Adams, and his more recent investigations of panoramic images using contemporary digital processes. His early film photography, documenting village life in Mexico, will be included in this exhibition along with his more recent documentary photographs of Fayetteville's changing landmarks over the past several years.

Moore's work is first inspired by light; illuminating from within a building or reflected off or around a structure. Whether you recall a location of Moore’s image as it once appeared or you come to it for the first time, you are left with a haunting sense of human intervention; the composition of a place and the artist's will to reveal a theatrical sense of time and light during a moment. This exhibition is curated by Leilani Law.

© Jan Gosnell

In the Vault gallery we have painter Jan Gosnell, treating us to selections of his newest paintings in his exhibition Back from Krypton. For sixty years Jan has been a compulsive picture maker. His work enjoys a conventional knowledge of drawing and painting, and its apparent sources of influence lie in both the classical and popular modes of two-dimensional expression.

He sees his work as primarily an orchestrated projection of the imagination upon a simple rectangular support. It is there that he seeks to firmly establish a visual pathway between literal consciousness and the alternate reality of the unconscious. The traveling of this pathway, with its inherent experience of the greater personality, sustains and enriches his life.

© Kelley Wilks

In the E Street Craft Gallery the featured artist will be Kelley Wilks. Kelley Wilks, a Fayetteville native, is the gallery’s second artist to hold a solo show. She’s been working primarily in clay for almost 20 years. The theme of this exhibition is Let’s Party and the works range from punch bowl sets, cake plates and platters to individual colorful cups all with a fun and festive feel since everything from Game season to the Holidays are just around the corner.

“I really enjoy creating with clay and working with it’s natural characteristics. It’s so pliable and it is possible to mold it into most any form. I love coming up with an idea, putting it on paper and then working the clay until I get what I was looking for. I like holding to the body of a cup like as in a teabowl. So, when I was making the cups for the punch bowl, I decided I did not want handles but had to come up with another way to store and present the cups with the bowl as a set. I designed this basic form for the cups and mimicked it in the bowl. The shape allows the base of the cups to be the instrument to hang the cups on the rim of the bowl there by eliminating the need for handles and making them more sleek and unique.”

Kelley will also be giving a Gallery Talk about her work and process Thursday Sept 10th from noon to 12:30ish. Bring a sack lunch and come gain some insight to the workings of an artist and her process of creating these wonderfully unique pieces.

Please join us for all this and new work by Studio artists in the back vault and open studios to tour, work in progress to see, and artists to meet. Don't forget to visit the fabulous DDP gallery as well. It is all a part of the cultural amenity that is the visual arts on the First Thursday of every month on the Fayetteville Square from 5-8pm

Fayetteville Underground
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East side of the Fayetteville Square.
Fayetteville, AR
Gallery Hours W-F 12-7pm
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