Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fayetteville Underground: One Year Anniversary!

Fayetteville Underground: First Thursday April 1st 5-8pm
Join us Thursday April 1st. from 5-8pm for Fayetteville Underground's first Thursday opening reception. This April marks a full year of great art shows at Fayetteville Underground! We have a lot to celebrate, so don't miss it!

In April we will feature the brilliant and colorful portraits by painter Basil Seymour-Davies in the Vault Gallery. San Francisco schooled artist Matthew Depper will fill the Hive Gallery with a playful and clever collection of paintings called "It Eels What it Eels" and paintings by Anthony TW Meyers will be shown in the Revolver Gallery.The E-Street Gallery will feature richly patinated and rustic jewelry by Teresa Hall.

Painting by Basil Seymour-Davies

In the Vault Gallery:
Between You and I

Paintings by Basil Seymour-Davies

All the pieces tell a story. All the graphic information supports the narrative derived through the act of contemplating the relationship, shared experiences, and certain commonalities between subject and artist. Usually these graphic images are developed through a series of loose associations and as a result trigger a vague sense of some set of ideas. In the end, the initial narrative is not important. It is the lingering residues that matter. It is the impression of some insight into a person or place’s story that allows one to freely explore and interpret it. And by this process establishes the connections to make the story one’s own.

Basil Seymour-Davies spent his impressionable adolescent years in Bangkok, Thailand. He grew up staring in awe at the enormous hand painted billboards and movie posters that were are a part of a rich Thai tradition. When he decided to pursue painting in his late twenties he inevitably reverted back to the images of the larger than life figures and story vignettes he saw in the city streets as a kid. He currently lives and works in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Painting by Matthew Depper

In the Hive Gallery:
It Eels What it Eels
Paintings by Matthew Depper

Matthew Depper studied graphic illustration at the Academy of Art, University San Francisco. His latest body of work is a collection of stylized sea creatures painted on convex wood panels. The title of the series,"It eels what it eels," reflects the typically clever and playful nature of Matthew's art.

Painting by Anthony TW Myers

In the Revolver Gallery:
Paintings by Anthony TW Myers

Growing up terrorizing a small town in Oklahoma, Anthony spent most of his childhood exploring abandoned structures, getting dirty in creeks, and pestering his fellow neighbor kids. During his perilous escapades, he’d hoped to discover a new unrecorded aquatic species, a real live ghost, or most importantly a true friend that was at least half as crazy as he was. Whether or not these aspirations ever became a reality is hardly relevant. His childhood ambitions stewed and fermented in his soul and his head throughout his life. They evolved and spun into all humanly possible directions getting expelled and contorted through drawings, mud sculptures with yarn hair, homemade forts, puppets, and finger paintings in the process. If the neighborhood kids didn’t fear Anthony’s capabilities, they might have envied them. But mostly, they ended up loving him because he brought something unique and priceless to the town and to the world.

Jewelry by Teresa Hall

In the E-Street Gallery:
Jewelry by Teresa Hall

Teresa Hall is a mixed metal artist with a focus on rustic and organic forms, abstracted from nature. Her fascination began with an accidental walk around a junkyard some fifteen years ago where she discovered an array of metals and the intriguing patinas that were a result of weather, and age. Teresa began experimenting with the manipulation of metals by hammering, torching and soldering forms to achieve desirable colors and shapes that she incorporated into large format wall hangings, as well as smaller investigations which she continues to explore in the form of jewelry. Teresa considers the art of jewelry design to be closely related to sculpture, as her pieces involve building and balance to achieve a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing piece of jewelry that can be worn on a daily basis. In addition, Teresa finds there is a lot of satisfaction in transforming salvage into what she considers a rustic style of functional art.

As always there are open studios to tour, work in progress to see, and artists to meet. There will be new work by the talented underground studio artists in the back Vault gallery and the fine crafts you have come to expect in the E Street Gallery. Once again this is all a part of the cultural amenity that is the visual arts on the First Thursday of every month on the Fayetteville Square from 5-8p.m.

Tell your friends and see you there!

The Fayetteville Underground
Basement of One East Square Plaza
East side of the Historic Fayetteville Square.
Fayetteville, AR
Gallery Hours W-F 12-7pm
Saturday 10-5pm
4 galleries: Open Studios

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