Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 15th, 2012

The Fayetteville Underground has been establishing our city as a cultural center for Fine Art since 2009, presenting the finest of regional art as well as reaching across the nation and beyond to bring a variety of stimulating exhibitions to the area. Residents and visitors alike have grown to expect a high quality visual art experience at monthly openings during First Thursday in downtown Fayetteville. After a five month break, the Fayetteville Art Alliance has been endowed with a grant from the Advertising and Promotion Commission. The Commission and the Alliance have joined their resources to orchestrate the re-birth of Fayetteville Underground on the downtown square, with plans for a grand re-opening this Summer.
Our short term goal is to move the Fayetteville Underground into the building on the Southwest corner of the square on Mountain Street, across from both the Visitor’s Bureau and Tim’s Pizza. Some minor modification and renovation is required in the building and will be started immediately. The three thousand square foot space will house several retail exhibition galleries as well as ten studios for artists in residence.
Led by familiar names like Hank Kaminsky, Don House, Martha Molina, Siegele and Haley, William Mayes Flanagan and others, the artists are committed to providing the citizens and visitors of Fayetteville with a regular event to anticipate each month, as well as a sustained presence with artist’s working studios open on a daily basis. Our vision includes making the Fayetteville Underground a place for the diverse elements of our artistic community to meet and exchange creative energy in a process that enhances the quality of life for all of us.

Celebrate the Underground !

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