Monday, August 20, 2012

In the past couple of weeks, 101 West Mountain Street has evolved to a striking gold and black motif, if not shouting, then at least stating succinctly that something new is happening here. What mysteries await inside?

I've been watching Doug Randall painting the inside, then the outside of the building, but what is really intriguing is when he stands in front of his canvas, painting the light in the forest. I've watched a painting develop to completion, I thought, only to come back the next day and find that the previously snowy scene has developed a forest fire of reds and oranges. Later Doug manages to tame the work back to softly autumnal. The layers of paint have built a scene that is nature but also more than nature. It is nature imagined or remembered, bold and soft. Watch out! When passing a Randall painting in the narrow hallway, I almost fell into it.
Tree Row by Doug Randall 

And here's another mystery . . .

William Mayes Flanagan

Surely this man has leprechauns or gnomes in his ancestry. 
A Building, A Bird and the moon.  like a Basho poem.

Did somebody say "bird"?

The 20 + artist members of the Fayetteville Underground  would like to thank our community for the incredible wave of support we have received from every direction. The list of supporting members has been growing daily