Saturday, September 8, 2012

Thank You, Fayetteville

The Main Gallery minutes before the opening
Thank you Mayor Lioneld Jordan and the City Council,
Marilyn Heifner and the Advertising and Promotion Commission,
Supporting members,volunteers, and board of directors of the Fayetteville Underground for your vision and contributions to make Fayetteville Underground re-emerge in a memorable event.
Thanks also to Harp’s, Liquor World and Dripping Springs Gardens for food, beverages and flowers.
Thank you, Fayetteville, for all your kind words and encouragement.
Our Grand Opening was a great success. Moving onward, we pledge to continue providing an extraordinary art experience for all who visit.

 Ribbon cutting with artist Sabine Schmidt, Mayor Lioneld Jordan, 
Fayetteville Underground Board Members Maudie Schmitt and Ralph Nesson

A Fine Party:

and a great variety of artwork to see:

 Portal #3
MM Kent  creates worlds that beckon.   
Accept the invitation, 
walk through the portal and enter these magical places