Monday, March 9, 2015

March 2015

The life of an artist is full of mystery. You may wonder where I've been all winter. I'd like to say painting on the beach at Port Aransas or Sarasota. Alas, practical matters have interfered, and I've barely been painting at all.

An update on events at the Underground for March:
 -2 Musical Events produced by Mike Shirkey

-Special Preview of Hank Kaminsky's New Work (Saturday, March 21st at 7PM)
      I have seen one of the pieces that Hank will be showing and have to say they are very exciting.

-The Friday Morning Portrait Group is operating at full speed. April will be modeling this week.  Anyone is welcome to come and draw or paint

-Coming in April will be David Bachman's newest series: Large Format Paintings. I'm excited to see what the maestro has produced.

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