Wednesday, May 6, 2015

several surprises

Several Surprises are in store for the First Thursday Reception. Martha Molina's multimedia piece is now sideways and even better. Remember Melissa Garrison, the painter who went to the west coast? Well, she is back and featured along with Amy Eichler's giant mural of Fayetteville Watersheds.
New mini-landscapes by David Bachman can be found in the giftshop. New glass artist Elizabeth James will also debut in the giftshop with fused glassware. An earthy solo gallery exhibition is shared by 5 female painters this month.
There is a lot to see. We are especially happy to present the work of Brent Smith from Siloam Springs. It is sculpture that is too amazing to describe. You have to see it.
Also, an 8:30 PM surprise orchestrated by Fayetteville Underground performance artist Cynthia Post Hunt.

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