Sunday, May 29, 2011

June: Fitzgibbon, Flanagan, Killian, and Kaminsky

Join us First Thursday June 2nd from 5-8pm at the Fayetteville Underground for another exciting month of all new exhibitions! The work of visiting artist, Sean Fitzgibbon, will be featured in the Revolver. William Mayes Flanagan's watercolor paintings will be on display in the Vault. Sharon Killian will present a variety of mediums in the Hive.The E Street Gallery will feature the work of Hank Kaminsky.

Altered Perceptions
Sean Fitzgibbon

As society becomes more globalized and technologically advanced, I find myself inundated with stimuli and imagery from many different sources. Through my work I attempt to display a beauty and order derived from multiple images as a way to reflect this. My work is often a combination of drawing, painting, and sometimes the incorporation of other media.

Edge of Night
William Mayes Flanagan

I’m interested in change: the signs of change, the moments that we see change happening around us, our perception of the almost imperceptible transition from light to dark and from shape to shadow. My work has always balanced on the edge of night, where the moon and the lone lamp glow. I have sought the hint of mystery, in the places and beings glimpsed in the world of twilight and shadow. In the past year, I’ve explored this world with new pallets and themes. Are these part of my own transition? We will see.

Nature's Challenge
Sharon Killian

I rely on a formalist approach to express how I see as an artist. Formal properties such as color, line, shape and value are emphasized to create this series of works that are my answer to nature’s ridiculous sunsets. I deliberately place on my two-dimensional plane, pieces of color and value, shapes created by one or more of these elements, and flat linear juxtapositions that in the end deliver to the viewer an opportunity for emotional response evocative of that which nature delivered to me through an outrageous spray of light at day’s end. This Nature’s Challenge series are dry pastel on Arches Cover paper.

I live on a hill east of Fayetteville, Arkansas overlooking the White River and the Ozark Mountains. It provides an expansive view of the western and northern skies and nature continually challenges me to create a response through my work with formalist parameters. This series of sunsets are my response to nature’s challenge.
Hank Kaminsky

“I come to this work with broad experience. Over my 52 year career, my work has appeared in many manifestations from tiny jewelry forms to major monumental sculptures. Here, in the E Street Gallery of the Fayetteville Underground, I have chosen to show my small work such as jewelry and small sculptures. The primary focus of my career has been the exploration of intersections, the way that energy, ideas, things and people come together and come forth with new forms. In my jewelry, I have many stories to tell to explain what is happening in my work. Each of those stories gives the audience a personal way into my art making process.”

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