Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Studio artist Linda Sheets goes National!

We just had to share this fantastic news with you about Fayetteville Underground studio artist Linda Sheets!! Way to go Linda! The following post and image is re-posted by permission of the artist.


Here is some amazing, exciting news I've been sitting on for a bit too long... Ampersand Art supply will be using some of my scratchboard designs on kits for the retail market. They were a big hit recently at the Namta (International Art Materials Trade Assoc.) show in Phoenix. I was blown away by the response of many of the art retailers and distributors. I loved watching the smiles on their faces as they walked into our booth and saw my designs. Oh Joy!

So, coming soon to a store near you, my monkeys, dogs, and still life kits; 6 total. I continue to believe that anyone (I mean it, anybody)can do this instantly gratifying, fun art! And I do my best to spread the word and convert folks with classes and workshops. These kits have a tool,5"x7" board, instructions and pattern. They are a great way to try out scratchboard, and they make good gifts at a reasonable price. One of my favorite things is watching folks play around with the boards...there are so many different ways to use this product. My style is folk art, some like to do highly detailed realistic drawings. There is room enough for all...

I am tickled beyond belief to be a part of this. Check out Ampersand Art website to see all of their products. If you go to their blog and read the post about back to school specials, I am in there, making monkeys! Yippie eye oh!

I've been quietly waiting to post this (it's so hard for me to be patient..,), it's official now and I can toot my horn all I want! Toot, toot, toot!! We've already gotten a big order from a major art/craft retailer and more to follow. I'M REALLY EXCITED ABOUT ALL THIS, CAN YOU TELL? And believe me, I am really, really grateful for this opportunity...I feel like a lucky gal!

To visit Linda's blog, the original post and to learn more about her work please click here.

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