Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Our Man from Dublin has arrived!

On view November 1st ,First Thursday, on the square, Fayetteville
“So I started writing positive little messages to the city, like “Maser loves you”. A lot of street artists’ work focuses on the negative. I don’t want to do that – it’s us on the ground level who have to see it every day. I use rounded, inviting type fonts. I started writing hopeful messages; things like “Urban Achievers” instead of “Underachievers”.”

Maser's Blog        



Since 1995 he's
 treated the world as his canvas leaving behind some
 of his artwork in London, Austria, Germany, 
Copenhagen, Holland, Belgium, Prague, Slovenia,
 Spain and Sweden as well as making a visit to 
New York the birth place of his beloved art form. 
Maser has also painted extensively throughout